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ELISABETH | Elisabeth Børch

Growing up in a family of classical musicians, Elisabeth was always a little different and something very special; despite being fed opera and symphonies, she always had her very own style and a very distinctive taste. All through her life, the music has been her anchor for better and for worse. Having only come out as a full blood jazz’n blues singer over the last 5 years, she has already made a huge impression in the jazzy suburbs of Copenhagen and Scandinavia, and was the mastermind behind the now annual Copenhagen Jazz Festival event, the New Orleans Funeral Parade attended by thousands. Every year Elisabeth can be seen as the leading lady, dancing in stilettos and waiving her umbrella and in every way be an explosion of energy and karisma.


Elisabeth, however has a very different side as well: The far more intimate, laid back but still ever so present art of singing in far more modest and humble venues where only 3 ingredients are needed: A voice, an instrument – and a nice dress! And with added sweet-and sassiness – all natural ingredients – it will be a night to remember. To Elisabeth, it is not about the amount of people present or the enormity of the venue. It is about being in completely in sync with the audience, her fellow musicians on stage – and together, through the music, create a room full of beauty, playfullness, sadness and despair leaving no feeling unturned.


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